Saturday, January 15, 2011


Imagine the extent of our freedom if we were to put aside those things that we feel limit us.

aw da babae penguin :D 

[This post needed a picture to capture your attention. if your reading this.. then my plan probably worked. yayy]

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Dan Ballard said...

Hi Alisse,

I met you briefly at the Durango song writing festival a while back (I came over and played a little guitar with you and some others by the piano). I just wanted to mention that I found two of your songs online (durango songwriters site) and I still listen to them fairly often. You really have a great talent. I hope that at some point you are able to make a record or something so that I can hear more. Just thought I would say hi and let you know that people are listening to you and waiting for more! If you have any other music recorded please let me know

(p.s. I like the post as well;)